Tuesday, 28 February 2023 13:59

6 Factors That Affect the Length of Denver Carpet Installations

Carpeting not only adds to a home’s beauty but can also provide benefits like insulation and noise reduction. However, installing a new carpet requires more than just deciding on the design or color. Understanding what goes into each and every step of your Denver carpet install process is essential for estimating how long it will take.

Are you considering re-carpeting your home? When planning any major home remodeling project, it is important to research the various factors that affect the project's length. Installing new carpets can dramatically change the atmosphere of a room and increase its aesthetic appeal, but how long can you expect the installation to take? We’ll help you get a rough idea today.

How to Estimate the Length of Your Denver Carpet Installation Project

Installing a new carpet can be a large undertaking and the work can also take over your home (or an area of it) for some time, depending on the scope of the project. When planning this upcoming home improvement project, there are six variables that will affect the length of the project:

1. The Crew

The crew you'll hire is a big factor in how long your carpet installation will take. This is mainly a numbers game, as the total number of hands on deck will have a huge impact on how quickly the work gets done. If you’re working with just one or two people, the project will likely take much longer than if you had a big team of professionals. Not only that, but the experience of your carpet installers can also affect the project timeline too. More experienced contractors who have been in the industry for years will be able to deliver quality work in less time and with fewer mistakes.

2. Initial Prep

The initial prep is a crucial factor in the length of your carpet installation. What does the preparation look like? In this stage, your installers will remove existing flooring, furniture, and any other items in the way of the new carpet installation. They may even take steps to protect your home from damage like placing protective elements around the work area. The longer it takes to prepare for the installation, the longer your project will take overall.

3. Size of the Project

Homeowners may choose carpet for a variety of different rooms and purposes, and the total size of your carpeting project influences the total project timeline. Installing carpet in just one room will go quickly. However, if you are having several rooms done at once, you can expect your contractors to spend more time on the project.

4. The Room's Measurements

Bigger rooms will have a bigger project timeline – it's as simple as that. If you install carpet in a large room, like a living room, it's going to take the crew more materials and more time to complete the work. However, the total square footage is not the only thing that matters here. The shape of the room also impacts the end time. More uniquely shaped rooms with lots of corners will require additional time to complete your carpet installation since it involves more cutting and thoughtful placement.

5. Carpet Choice

Believe it or not, the type of carpet you choose will affect the total timeline of your carpet installation project. Different carpets require different levels of preparation and installation techniques, so this should be taken into consideration when you’re planning your project. For example, low-pile carpet is the easiest to install while shag and plush-pile styles take more effort to take, extending the finish time.

6. Stairs

Staircases present a unique challenge for carpet installers, as they need to make sure the carpet is properly stretched and secured around each step. Does your project scope include a staircase? If so, this can add significant time to your project's estimated time of completion, which is why your contractor will factor in any staircases when trying to determine your estimate.

Trust The Experts for Your Denver Carpet Installation

No matter how long your carpet installation project takes, you can count on High Country Flooring to provide a high-quality installation and top-rated customer service. We understand that the length of a carpet installation project can be daunting. That’s why our team of highly trained professionals is dedicated to making sure your Denver carpet installation is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible. We take the time to triple-check our work so you can enjoy your beautiful new floor for years to come.

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