Tuesday, 16 February 2021 03:42

Best Carpets For Every Room In Your House

Choosing carpeting for your home is exciting, but with so many options, it can also be overwhelming. In addition to finding the right carpet for your style, you’ll need to consider functionality, durability, and comfort. To help you choose your ideal carpet, we’ve put together a room-by-room guide of the best carpets for each area of the home.

Carpeting The Family Room

As the social hub of your home, the carpet in your family room should be inviting but durable enough to stand up to constant use. Carpets with twisted fibers, like textured plush or frieze, are a great option for family rooms. These styles offer a soft foot feel but won’t wear out with constant use. In addition, both carpets use shorter fibers, which can help disguise footprints and vacuum tracks.

Choosing Carpet For A Formal Living Room

If you have a formal living room or a space that you reserve for guests or special occasions, you can consider a higher-plush carpet. Plush pile creates an elegant and sophisticated look, making it a popular choice for more formal entertainment areas. Since the fibers of plush pile carpets stick straight up, they will show footprints, but these can be easily removed by vacuuming. For a lower-maintenance option that still packs a punch, consider a textured carpet. With a wide range of patterns and styles, your carpet can become a swoon-worthy focal point.

Best Carpets For Bedrooms

Foot traffic in bedrooms is much lighter and since most people go barefoot in the bedroom, you can prioritize comfort over durability. Plush, shag, and textured plush are popular bedroom options. These higher-pile styles not only evoke coziness and relaxation, but they also help insulate against noise.

Kid-Friendly Carpets For Playrooms And Children’s Rooms

Children are hard on carpet, which means your choice should stand up to lots of traffic, spills, and play. Berber is made out of short and sturdy fibers that can withstand lots of little feet and activity. The tightly-woven fibers create a low profile that’s perfect for playtime and makes cleaning easy.

Durable Carpets For Halls, Stairs, & Landings

These areas are some of the most highly trafficked in the home, so your carpet needs to stand up to the challenge. Level loop is a popular option for these spaces. In addition to durability, the level loop carpet’s texture hides footprints and vacuum marks.

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