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How to Compare the Best Carpet Stores in Denver

The interior of your home is not complete until you find the right flooring. There are literally hundreds of different options for the type of carpet to install in your home. And to make things more complicated, there are many different carpet stores and installers across the metro area. So, how can you best compare the best carpet stores in Denver to ensure you get a high-quality carpet product and installation services?

You’ll need to conduct some research on your own to compare companies near you and find the best fit for your needs. When investing in new flooring in your home you want to make sure your decision, flooring, and installation are high-quality.

Today we will cover what steps you need to take in order to receive the best product and service when having a new carpet installed.

3 Steps to Take When Searching for the Best Carpet Stores in Denver

Before you dive into these steps, take some time to ensure that your flooring contractor is licensed and insured. In the state of Colorado, a flooring contractor is technically not required to have a license. But if you would like to have a properly installed floor, it’s best to hire a licensed contractor.

Once you’ve verified their license and insurance, you can move into the next 3 steps of your research phase.

1. Read Store Reviews on Third-Party Platforms

Customer reviews and testimonials provide helpful context and insight regarding a given company. They can help you understand the type of customer service you can expect, the range of products they offer, and more.

As you compare carpet stores near you, make sure you read through customer reviews on platforms like Google, Facebook, and even Thumbtack. That research can help you find the ideal carpet provider for your needs.

2. Evaluate Product Offerings

As a buyer, you have done the research on carpet products and likely have a preferred product in mind. While some carpet stores in Denver have great selections for carpeting, they might not have an expansive collection. This is because some carpet stores may not have the same access to materials and products due to relations with manufacturers and suppliers.

Make sure you have a clear idea of how many products one carpet company can offer over another.

3. Choose a Locally Owned and Operated Business

There are advantages to choosing a small business over a larger nationwide carpet chain (ILSR)! Just to name a few:

  • Locally owned stores usually offer better customer service.
  • Local stores are more knowledgeable about the products and local consumer needs than bigger chains.
  • Shopping local generates more local tax revenue, thus creating more jobs and keeping money in your local economy.
  • You’ll usually find better deals at local stores, as they are competing with one another.
  • Local shops rely on their local reputations for business, so they will go above and beyond for an ideal customer experience.

There are a million more reasons to shop local over national. If you’re ready to get started on your carpet purchase process, there’s no better place to turn than High Country Flooring.

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