Tuesday, 19 January 2021 03:29

How To Choose The Right Carpet For Your Pet

Avoid High-Pile And Looped Carpets

High pile carpets, like shag, have long, loose fibers that create a full and fluffy look. While high pile carpets may be comfortable for your pet to lounge on, they can be difficult to clean and vacuum. This can make it extremely difficult and time-consuming to clean your carpet regularly, especially if your pet sheds or tracks mud, dirt, and debris inside.

Looped carpet, as the name suggests, is made by looping carpet fibers. The low profile makes it easy to hide stains and dirt, but some pets may catch their claws in the looped material.

Look For Level, Low-pile Carpet

Low-pile carpets are easy to clean regularly, which makes it a good option for pet owners. Level looper carpet, textured carpet, or natural carpets are durable options that can withstand pets’ claws and make it easy to care for your carpets on a regular basis.

Best Pet-Friendly Carpet Colors

While carpet color varies widely depending on your personal style, color should definitely factor into your buying decision. Light carpet tends to make rooms look light and airy, but can be more difficult to maintain, especially if your pet tends to track dirt into the house.

Dark carpet can help conceal stains and dirt, but be careful not to go too dark. Extremely dark carpet can lighten in tone as a result of constant wear (or your dog doing zoomies in your living room). If you’re not sure how light or dark to go, our carpet experts can help you pick the perfect shade.

Affordable Wall-to-Wall Pet-Friendly Carpets in Denver

If you’re looking for the perfect carpet for you and your pet, let High Country Flooring help. Not only do we hand-select affordable carpets for every budget, but our friendly team will walk you through the entire shopping experience to ensure you find the perfect carpet for you and your pet’s unique needs. Schedule a visit to our showroom today, or call 720-782-6805 to speak to a team member.