4 Things to Keep in Mind When Looking for Carpet in Denver

A new carpet can completely transform any room or space. However, there are hundreds of different carpet brands and styles available today. This makes selecting the right type of carpet for your home confusing and challenging. Don't worry: we're here to help you find the right type of carpet in Denver for your needs.

At High Country Flooring, we've always strived to make homeowner education one of our top priorities. As such, we're breaking down the top things you need to know when purchasing your new carpet.

What to Consider When Buying Carpet in Denver

The carpet purchase process is much more in-depth than viewing a small selection of samples. After all, you don't want to make the wrong purchase now and end up regretting it later. To ensure you're buying the right carpeting product, you'll want to keep these key questions in mind.

1. What's Your Budget?

First and foremost, you need to figure out your carpet buying budget. On average, you can expect to pay between $3.50 to $11 per square foot for carpeting (HomeAdvisor). Many factors will influence the price of your new carpet, such as labor, product quality, total square footage, and so on.

Take some time to figure out the budget you want to set for this home improvement project. By having that price range determined from the get-go, you'll have an easier time making the best decision for your property.

2. How Will You Use the Space?

In most homes, you likely won't see the same carpet on the stairs and in the home office. That's because these two areas of your home likely have different intended uses. And the best option for a given space will depend largely upon how you plan to use that room.

The stairs, for instance, are a high-traffic area of the home and will need a more durable type of carpeting, like a nylon fiber carpet. On the other hand, your home office will have less foot traffic and you'll likely want something that won't interfere with your office chair. So, a low-pile carpet will likely work best in that space.

3. What Will Match Your Room's Aesthetic?

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of modern carpets to choose from these days, in a wide variety of colors and textures. Your carpet selection will have a significant impact on the look, feel, and tone of your space.

It's like we said earlier: a carpet can completely transform any room. Believe it or not, color schemes and textures carry deep psychological effects and can influence your perception of a given area (Billy's Carpets). For instance:

  • Lighter tones can make a smaller room feel more open and spacious
  • Cool colors, like blue or green, instill a sense of calmness and relaxation
  • Warmer colors, like orange or yellow, can make you feel happier and more content

Risky color combinations could establish the wrong aesthetic in a given space, so exercise caution when making your selection. You'll want to carefully consider your room's current aesthetic when comparing products.

4. How Much Maintenance Will Your Carpet Need?

Any carpet that you buy will require routine cleaning and maintenance to keep it looking gorgeous, stylish, and fresh. However, it is worth noting that some carpets need more TLC than others.

Some products, like high-pile carpets, should be vacuumed several times a month to keep them looking great. Meanwhile, other carpets, like low-pile products, require less maintenance to maintain their appearance.

The reps at your carpet store in Denver will have clear ideas on the maintenance needs of all products in the showroom. So be sure to get their insights when comparing products.

See Our Wide Selection of Options for Carpet in Denver

If you're looking to upgrade your home's carpeting, you've come to the right place.

At High Country Flooring, we have made a name for ourselves as one of the top providers of carpeting and flooring in Denver. We prioritize customer service at every turn, from the carpet consultation stage to the carpet installation process. Whether you're interested in Berber carpet, marine carpet, or plush pile, we'll help you find the right carpet for your needs in our carpet and flooring showroom.

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5 Reasons To Carpet Your Home

It goes without saying that carpet offers a splash of vibrancy and individuality to any room, but that’s not the only reason you should carpet your home. From giving you long-term savings to adding an additional layer of safety to your home, read on to learn the unique benefits carpet provides.

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Benefits of Carpet Flooring

Lower Electricity Bills

Carpeting provides excellent insulation, regardless of carpet pile. The fibers in your carpet will trap heat during the cold winter months and can help prevent cool air from escaping during the summer. By helping to maintain your home’s comfortable temperature, carpet can lower your electricity bill all year long.

Increased Privacy

Have you ever walked into a room without carpet and heard an echo? Without carpet, sound travels much further through individual rooms and your home at large. Instead of allowing sound to bounce off surfaces, carpet absorbs sound waves. This dampens all sorts of sounds, including voices, music, and even footsteps.

Comfort & Support

It’s no surprise that carpet is more comfortable to lounge on than hardwood floors. But, did you know that carpet offers physical benefits to you, even if you don’t often sit or lay on the floor? Carpets offer more flexibility underfoot than other flooring options and act as shock absorbers. Instead of experiencing the force of your footstep in your body, carpet cushions and absorbs the impact. This makes carpet much more comfortable to stand on or walk over for long periods of time than other flooring choices.


Hard surfaces are slippery, which increases the chance of slips and falls. Without much cushion or give, falling on hard floors can be extra painful. Carpet provides a more textured surface that can prevent falls in the first place, especially on stairs. If a slip does occur, carpet offers a soft landing surface, which is especially important when very young children, elderly individuals, or people with mobility issues are in the home.


Carpet is one of the most affordable flooring options available when comparing price per square foot. Don’t forget to factor in the installation prep and process into your flooring budget. Most hard flooring options (like vinyl and hardwood) require special preparation before they can be installed, which can rack up your final total. Carpet can be installed over numerous types of subfloors and doesn’t have as many strict requirements, resulting in huge savings.

Are you looking for high-quality flooring at incredible prices? At High Country Flooring, we specialize in always-affordable carpeting and unbeatable customer service. Experience the High Country Flooring difference today by scheduling your consultation!

5 Steps To Preparing Your Home For Carpet Installation

Congratulations on finding the carpet of your dreams! Now it’s time to prepare for your last flooring hurdle – installation. High Country Flooring’s installation partners will take care of all the heavy lifting, but there are a few steps you can take to streamline installation day.

1. Finish Other Projects First

If you’re remodeling or building a new home, save carpet installation until the end of your project. To keep your carpet intact, all doors and windows must be in place, and all drywall, plaster, and paint should be completely dry. For best results, heating and air-conditioning should be fully operational for at least 24 hours before the installation begins. If you have multiple projects going on, talk with your installer to schedule the installation at the right time.

2. Clear The Space

The emptier a room is, the easier it is to install carpet. Your team may be lugging heavy equipment and moving in and out of the room, so protect your valuable and breakable items by moving them to a safe area. After you remove smaller, personal items, move on to larger furniture, like TVs, beds, and tables. Some installers may help you move furniture and appliances out of the room, so be sure to talk with your installer to understand their policy. Either way, removing what you can from the room will help save your installer time and give them fewer items to navigate around.

3. Disconnect Gas & Water Lines

If you’re installing carpet near appliances that connect to gas or water lines (like stoves, dishwashers, or refrigerators), be sure to properly disconnect them before the installation time. You may need to contact a professional to make sure your appliances are disconnected and drained appropriately.

4. Create A Path

Your installation team will be constantly moving in and out of your house. Remove any items that may block their path. Cover the furniture and floors along this path to protect them from dirt and debris.

5. Keep Children & Pets Away From The Installation Area

Make sure children and pets aren’t near the installation area on the big day. Carpet installation can be noisy and dusty, so you may want them to stay with a family member or friend during the process.

That’s it! Our experienced installers will do the rest. If you have additional questions about what to expect before, during, or after your carpet installation, reach out to your installer or contact the High Country Flooring team.

What To Expect from Quality Carpet Installation in Denver, CO

Once you've made it through the daunting carpet selection process, the only thing left is to install your beautiful new carpet. The carpet installation process is the most important step toward making your new carpet look and feel amazing in your home. If done incorrectly or improperly, your carpet can be a disaster. Here at High Country Flooring, we prioritize homeowner education. That’s why we’re outlining what you can expect from a quality carpet installation in Denver, CO.

7 Things to Expect During Your Carpet Installation in Denver

It’s important to note that the quality of carpet installation services across flooring companies in Denver can vary greatly. Purchasing carpet for your dream home or project is an investment. Therefore, it's very important you know what to expect from an installation job done right.

1. Punctual Arrival and Up-Front Estimate

At High Country Flooring, our Denver carpet installer will arrive on time to provide an estimate for the job or you will have already received an estimate in our showroom. While carpet installation costs and prices differ depending on the flooring company or installation contractor you hire, you should not be blindsided by the total installation cost. At High Country, we make sure that you know beforehand exactly what your installation costs will be.

2. Accurate Measurements

A professional carpet installer will take accurate measurements of your room and lay out the pattern for you.. As expert carpet installers in Denver, we will take measurements before your carpet purchase and directly preceding installation. Your carpet contractor will make sure that you have enough carpet to cover the scope of the project right from the beginning so you don’t have to pay extra for additional materials later on.

3. Use of Proper Tools

Your carpet installation will require the use of heavy-duty tools such as carpet knives, seam sealer, adhesives, levelers, and more to properly install the carpet and prevent seams from unraveling. Our carpet experts come prepared with all the tools and equipment needed to finish the job correctly and efficiently. Your custom carpet design should look exactly as you expected when the proper tools and care are taken.

4. Attention to Details

When it comes to flooring, the details matter. Your Denver carpet contractor should make sure all edges are square before they begin installing the carpet. They'll also make sure there's no loose threads or frayed areas on the carpet. This is especially important for certain carpeted areas, like on staircases. It's important that your carpet installer works quickly but carefully, and pays attention to details to ensure the carpet looks great when it's finished.

5. Post-Installation Cleanup

Once the carpet is installed, your contractor will clean up any messes and carpet remnants to leave the area as neat as possible.

6. Final Carpet Installation Invoice and Payment

When your carpet flooring installation is complete and to your satisfaction, your installer should give you a written invoice with the final cost. And, voila! You are ready to submit your payment and enjoy a beautiful new carpet for your home.

7. After Installation Carpet Care and Maintenance

To protect your investment and maintain your carpet’s appearance for many years to come, it's important to keep up with your carpet maintenance. As your go-to Denver carpet expert, High Country will provide you with advice and tips at the completion of your installation. We're here to support you far after your purchase. And we are always available to assist you with any questions or carpet repairs at any time after we install your carpet.

Look No Further for Quality Carpet Installation in Denver

If you're looking for a carpet installation company that does it right, then we have you covered! High Country Flooring brings over 35 years of experience in custom carpet installation services. Our customer-oriented services include personalized consultations, top carpet selections, and the best quality installation you can find at affordable costs in Denver and the surrounding areas.

As a carpet buyer, you shouldn't have to sacrifice quality to find a carpet price that works for you. We offer carpet installation and custom carpet design and patterns for any budget. Contact High Country Flooring today to get your estimate for your carpet installation in Denver, CO.

What to Look Out for When Comparing Carpet Deals in Denver

For most shoppers, cost is their top concern when comparing carpet and flooring options. Granted, home improvement projects can end up costing you a pretty penny. For that reason, it's worthwhile to seek out flooring discounts and carpet deals in Denver. However, don't always go with the first offer you find.