2021 Carpet Trends: 5 Modern Looks For Fabulous Floors

Nothing can beat the warmth and coziness of carpet, and in 2021, you can expect to see bold carpet choices dominate the space. This year, carpet will transcend flooring – it will become a statement piece that expresses your style and creativity. If you’re looking for some modern carpet inspiration, check out these 5 top carpet trends for 2021.

1. Bold Patterns

Whether you prefer florals, geometrics, stripes, or even animal prints, patterns are coming back in a big way. Expressive carpet can become the centerpiece of a room. The key to creating a cohesive look with a statement floor? Style the room around the carpet, working from the floor up.

2. Environmental Friendliness

Eco-friendly carpets will see a rise in 2021, so expect to see more carpets made with recycled or environmentally-friendly materials. Sisal will become a favorite solution to high-traffic areas, while jute will become an eco-friendly choice for areas with less footfall.

3. Pattern Mixing

Showcase your adventurous spirit by playing with patterns. Mixing a printed sofa or chair with a patterned carpet can add even more depth to the room and create a uniquely you space. To ensure your room comes together, use patterns with the same hue and intensity and break up the space with a few solid pieces. This will help balance your patterns and avoid overwhelming your senses.

4. Playful Textures

2021 design trends will lean heavily on using a variety of textures to create abstract or geometric patterns. By combining cut and loop fibers, this style not only adds a pleasing visual element but also creates an interesting foot feel.

5. Warm Luxury

With so much time spent at home in 2020, comfort will be at the top of the list for many carpet buyers. Expect to see a rise in a plush pile and textured plush, especially in lower-traffic areas like bedrooms or home offices.

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