Monday, 04 January 2021 13:17

What Is Carpet Pile and How Do I Choose The Right One For Me?

Carpet pile is a big consideration of your flooring purchase, and we often hear customers ask if low or high pile carpets will be better for their home, family, or building. The answer largely depends on your lifestyle, but there are some general considerations to help you make your decision.

What is Carpet Pile?

Carpet is made of fabric loops, and “pile” refers to the height and density of the loops. “High pile” carpets, like shag, have taller and looser fibers. Low pile carpeting (like Berber or Saxony) has shorter fibers and tighter loops. Pile length can affect the carpet’s softness, color, texture, and durability.

Pros Of High Pile Carpet

The full, fluffy look of high pile carpeting creates a warm and comforting environment. Despite their long fibers, they’re less likely to flatten over time compared to low pile carpet. High pile carpets are a great solution if:

  • You want extra insulation from the cold
  • You want to absorb sound
  • You plan to sit, lay down, or spend time on the carpet
  • You want a soft, supportive foot feel
  • You want to add a touch of luxury to every room

Cons of High Pile Carpet

However, high pile carpet isn’t for everyone. Due to the long fibers, pile carpets must be cleaned carefully, and some can be damaged by vacuum cleaners. This makes it difficult to remove stains, debris, or clean your carpet with ease. Steer clear of high pile carpets if:

  • You have allergies or respiratory issues: allergens can easily lodge themselves in the fibers of high pile carpets. Allergens can be released by walking on the carpet, which can irritate those with sensitivities
  • You want a low-maintenance carpet: High pile carpets require more time and effort to keep clean
  • Cost is a priority: Since more fabric is used to create a high pile carpet, they’re more costly than low pile alternatives

Pros of Low Pile Carpet

Low pile carpets are durable, low maintenance, and allergy friendly. The low, flat nature of this carpet choice makes it easy to vacuum while preventing allergens from lodging themselves between the fibers. A low pile carpet is a great option if:

  • You don’t want to spend much time cleaning your carpets
  • You’re planning on moving the room’s furniture frequently
  • You’re creating a playroom or dining room, since chairs and toys can easily slide over the surface

Cons of Low Pile Carpet

Like any flooring choice, low pile carpets have their own drawbacks, including:

  • Reduced warmth: low pile carpets aren’t as good at insulating rooms against the cold.
  • More likely to flatten over time: low pile carpets tend to flatten more quickly than their high pile alternatives (although this process still tends to take years of wear!)
  • Firm foot feel: low pile carpets are less soft and provide less foot support

Budget-Friendly High And Low Pile Carpets

High Country Flooring is here to help you find the perfect carpet for you at an affordable price. Our expert team will help you choose the carpet that meets your needs. Even better, our high and low pile carpets are a fraction of the price while delivering exceptional quality and foot feel.

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