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What to Look Out for When Comparing Carpet Deals in Denver

For most shoppers, cost is their top concern when comparing carpet and flooring options. Granted, home improvement projects can end up costing you a pretty penny. For that reason, it's worthwhile to seek out flooring discounts and carpet deals in Denver. However, don't always go with the first offer you find.

One deal might be too hard to pass on, but you may risk a less than perfect carpet installation. To ensure you're getting the right product at an affordable price, there are a few things you need to look out for.

Warning Signs of Shady Carpet Deals in Denver

Flooring discounts and deals can make a significant difference for your bottom line. Still, you need to keep your eyes peeled for a handful of red flags.


The classic "bait-and-switch" is a common scamming tactic across numerous industries. This tactic aims to lure you in with a specific claim or offer, then abruptly change the price when they arrive for the job (Investopedia).

This can be an effective sales tactic, but it can be avoided if you know how to ask for the right paperwork. It's simple: get written estimates from several carpeting services in Denver. Then you can compare the pricing and spot any abnormally low offers.

"Free" Offers

You may contact one carpet retailer over another because you came across a "free" offer. This may be something as simple as "free padding" or "free installation." While these offers may sound amazing, treat them with a grain of salt.

Smart carpet stores will find ways to make their money back on those free services. Hidden fees are a common way to increase the final costs of carpet installations. These hidden fees may be extra charges for things like:

  • Hauling away your old carpet
  • "Special Requirement" installations
  • Moving furniture
  • And more

The bottom line is simple: "free" isn't always free.


Some carpet installers will look for any opportunity to raise their prices, like over-measuring the area.

The company rep will need to accurately measure your space for the amount of carpet you need. However, some carpet companies will find a way to fudge the numbers.

Say your room is measured to be 150 square feet, but the actual footage may be closer to 135. Assuming you're paying $15 per square foot, you may overpay by $225 for your carpet! And that's just 1 room.

To avoid this inconvenience, it's wise to measure the carpet area yourself in advance. This will provide a good estimate of your square footage, so you can raise any concerns with the carpeting business.

It's also worthwhile to ask your installer how they calculated the square footage. Most installers will add one foot to the length measurement for some wiggle room. But be cautious of any installers who add 5% to 30% more to the actual square footage.

How to Vet Carpet Contractors and Their Deals

If you fail to vet your contractors, you risk getting a cheap carpet product that may cost you more in the long run.

To ensure you find a quality contractor and a trustworthy deal, follow these tips:

  • Read customer reviews on third-party platforms (e.g., Google, BBB, Angi, etc.)
  • Ask your carpet contractors questions like:
    • Are you licensed, bonded, and/or insured?
    • How long have you been in business?
    • Can you provide 3-5 references?
  • Seek referrals from your friends and family
  • Ask to get everything in writing

Always remember to carefully review your contract before you sign it. Make sure you are perfectly clear on the total costs, estimated timeline, warranty information, payment terms, and more.

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