Measuring Your Room For Carpet Installation

The basic formula for area is length times width (A = L x W).

 If a room is rectangular or a square, take a measurement of the length and width, round up to the nearest foot, and multiply.  This will give you an approximate measurement of the area in square feet.  If the room is not a square or a rectangle then measure the largest dimensions in both directions, round up to the nearest foot, and multiply together.

Add an Extra 10%

Once you have calculated your approximate square footage, multiply your figure by 10% (approximate sq/ft x 1.10).  Adding 10% to your square footage will help account for the door jams and waste when matching patterns or the width of the carpet roll.

Accurate Room Measurement and Carpet Installation by High Country Flooring

Providing us with approximate square footage will help us to assist you in estimating the cost of your project.  However, before the carpeting is installed, we will send a professional installer to your home to verify the measurements to ensure that you end up with the right amount of carpet for your carpet installation.

Let us help you with the best carpet selection for your room measurements with our Denver carpet experts! Contact us today to work with our experienced professionals.