Inspiration Becomes Reality with These Top Carpet Styles in Denver

Take a look at some of the top carpet styles in Denver that we keep in stock at High Country Flooring. Here is a preview along with some trending project ideas for each look.


Affordable and Easy to Clean

Berber carpets are one of the most economical choices if you have a limited budget. They’re also fairly easy to clean and are spill-resistant. It’s a very versatile carpet option that comes in all colors. You will now see Berber carpet in every room of the house from the basement to the living room and even the stairways.


Shaggy, Dense, and Durable

This carpet doesn’t bow down under pressure. Perfect for informal rooms, Frieze carpet will not compress under heavy foot traffic and hides dirt and stains like a champ. This stylish, yet sturdy carpet is an evolved take on the 1960s shag style from your parents’ or grandparents’ era.

Level Loop

Sleek and Resilient

This carpet is an excellent go-to for stairways and hallways. The tightly woven loops cling flat to the floor with no loose fiber ends, making it a sleek and indestructible option for areas with high foot traffic. You’ll likely have seen this carpet in apartment gyms and corporate workplaces. So, don’t be afraid to incorporate this look into your home gym or office.

Plush Pile

Downy and Lush

Plush Pile is the luxe option for carpeting your home. If you want a soft and supple texture underneath your feet, then this is the carpet style for you. For a classic-looking style and the ultimate in comfort, choose a plush pile for the perfect look for every room of your home.

Textured Plush

Comfortable and Sturdy

Textured plush is designed to look and feel great for many years to come. Its textured design masks foot traffic on this carpet and the plush aesthetic is made to feel soft and light under your feet.